An Early Warning System for Forest Fires Successfully Deployed All Across the Globe

FireWatch, the 2012 winner of Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame, is a state-of-the-art early wildfire detection technology. The FireWatch system is based on the technology developed by the German Aerospace Institute (DLR) for the NASA Mars Pathfinder Mission to survey the surface of Mars prior to Pathfinder's Mars landing. This patented scanning technology was later developed by the innovative German company IQ Wireless into FireWatch. Key benefits of FireWatch include:

  • 24/7 Smoke detection: Sensors work all day and night.
  • Monitor huge tracts of land: Each sensor monitors more than 70000 ha.
  • Instant fire alerts: Owners can get alerts on their phone.
  • High quality images: Sensors provide high quality images of fire events.
  • Avoid expensive firefighting: Detect and put off fire in the early stages.
  • Lower insurance rates: Risks can be re-rated bringing down insurance costs.